Meals overview

We have a chef on site who makes our meals. Our meal times are a social time for staff and the children and we provide the children with healthy and nutritious food, we provide snacks at 10 am and 2pm which consist of fruit and/or vegetables, milk or water, with the children choosing what they would like to eat, there is no charge for this. 
We can cater for babies who are learning to eat solids and any children who have different dietary needs and look at festivals throughout the year and try to incorporate these into our snack and meal times. 
Samples Menu Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 Chilli nacho bake, rice & salad. Fruit crumble & custard, Savory sandwiches & crudities. Fruit yoghurts Baked sausages, potatoes & vegetables. Eton Mess. Spaghetti on toast. Fruit mousse. Spanish chicken, new potatoes & salad. Fruit & ice-cream. Sausage rolls & crudities. Malt loaf. Cottage pie & vegetables. Rice pudding. Savory wraps & crudities. Choc chip shortbread. Pasta bolognaise, garlic bread & salad. Jam tart & custard. Jacket potatoes (cheese & beans) Fresh fruit.
Week 2 Toad in a hole, potatoes & vegetables. Fruit mousse. Soup & bread. Fairy cakes. Tomato pasta bake, garlic bread & salad. Jam & coconut sponge & custard. Savory sandwiches & crudities. Yoghurts. Fish pie, peas and sweetcorn. Fruit yoghurts. Hot dogs & crudities. Choc oat cake. Chicken casserole potatoes & vegetables. Syrup & cornflake cake & custard. Savory toast & crudities. Fresh fruit. Chicken korma, rice & naan bread. Lemon cheesecake. Savory wraps & crudities. Fruit & ice-cream.
Week 3 Savory mince, potatoes & vegetables. Rice pudding. Crumpets & crudities. Weetabix cake. Sweet & sour chicken, rice & prawn crackers. Fruit crumble & custard. Soup & bread. Fresh fruit. Baked sausages, croquette potatoes & spaghetti hoops. Jelly & ice-cream. Cheese on toast. Coconut cookies. Pasta with sweet pepper sauce, garlic bread & salad. Choc pudding & choc sauce. Jacket potatoes (cheese & beans). Fruit yoghurts. Chicken and vegetable pie, potatoes & vegetables. Banoffee pie. Savory sandwiches & crudities. Fruit & cream.
Week 4 Chicken goujons, cheesy mash & baked beans. Carrot cake. Savory wraps & crudities. Fresh fruit. Sausage casserole, potatoes & vegetables. Banana custard. Savory toast & crudities. Krackolets. Meatballs in tomato sauce, rice & salad. Iced sponge. Pizza & crudities. Yoghurts. Beef & vegetable pie, potatoes & vegetables. Fruit mousse. Savory sandwiches & crudities. Banana bread. Tuna pasta bake, garlic bread & salad. Fruit trifle. Carrot & courgette rock cakes & crudities. Ice cream cone.
The Team

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